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How To Max House Upgrades On An Insurance Claim
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Studies show that the second leading cause of insurance fraud in America today is carrier fraud due to under paying claims. 

With Hiner Roofing Lawton managing your repair you can be certain that you are getting the roof you deserve. We have created a proprietary system for claim management and enjoy passing our win on to you in the form of superior quality material and higher-skilled level of craftsmanship.


Joe, Julie, and Misti from Moore and Yukon Oklahoma share their experience with Hiner Roofing

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Want to get things done around the house without the hassle?

If you know you have roof damage or you suspect it, you need an "all included" fix. You don't have time to waste talking to contractors and other people who will waste your time.

If you consult with your insurance company, you might realize that repairing your home can be costly, complicated, time-wasting. 

Insurance can be a great product. 

It provides a sense of safety to you. If the coverages are adequate, and the premium is affordable, why not right? 

You think, they will pay for my stuff if the worst happens and I won’t lose everything I have worked for. 

Right here is where most people make the huge mistake of stopping when it comes to caring about and truly understanding insurance products. 

You have a sense of safety and that lulls you into thinking that you are safe. Maybe it is good enough. Maybe it isn’t. One thing I do know is that at some point you will have to use it.

It is here, where you must not make any costly mistakes. You must know what pitfalls to avoid, know how to price adequate replacements for yourself, and you must know how to make sure you are properly compensated for your loss.

If you know you have roof damage or you suspect it, you need an "all included" fix. You don't have time to waste talking to contractors that will waste your time.

That's where we come in. 

We have written an exact step by step guide to the process of having damage fixed on your house (for cash or on insurance proceeds) to make sure that you have the knowledge you need to protect your family and your wealth.
What Are You Waiting For?
This is the time to make a good choice. Insurance companies do not always act fairly. Often times, claims are denied and underpaid wrongly.
You ability to leverage US as your trusted roofing advisor could very well be the determining factor between correctly protecting your home or not.

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